Looking for very noob friendly java program with comments

Write a program in Java and run it in BlueJ according to the following specifications:

  • The program first generates three random rational numbers (fractions) and prints them both as rational numbers and as floating point numbers.
  • Then it finds the rational numbers that reperesent the maximum value and the minimum value and prints them (both as rational numbers and floating point numbers).
  • Finally it also prints the sum and the average of the three rational numbers as rational numbers reduced to lowest terms as well as floating point numbers.
  • The output of the program may look like the following:

Rational numbers: 2/5, 4/5, 6/4 (Floating point format: 0.4, 0.8, 1.5)
Maximum: 6 / 4 (1.5)
Minimum: 2 / 5 (0.4)
Sum: 27 / 10 (2.7)
Average: 9 / 10 (0.9)

Requirements and restrictions:

  • Use the roll() method from Die.java class to generate random numerators and denominators for the rational numbers.
  • Use the Rational.java class from the course website to represent rational numbers and extend it with:
    • a method to compare two rational numbers
    • and a method to divide rational numbers.
    • a method that returns the floating point value of a rational number.
  • All calculations, comparisons and printing should be implemented with methdos that work with rational numbers only:
    • Use the method to compare rational numbers to find the minimum and the maximum.
    • Use the sum method from the Rational.java class and the method to divide rational numbers to find the average.
    • Use the reduce method from class Rational to reduce the sum and the average to lowest terms.
    • For printing use the method that returns the floating point value of a rational number.
  • When you write your program
    • use proper names for the variables suggesting their purpose.
    • format your code accordingly using indentation and spacing.
    • use multiple line comment in the beginning of the code and write your name, e-mail address, class, and section.
    • for each line of code add a short comment to explain its meaning.

The files are here Number 4.rar 

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