Comprehensive Life-Cycle Plan

Work has to be original, no plagiarism. Paper should be 2 pages single space in length with document and citation formatting per APA Requirements.

Scenario: The organization has 5,000 employees who are located throughout several locations within the continental United States. Most of the company’s computers are Windows 7 PCs/laptops. The organization has no special PC needs for specialized skills such as CAD or engineers, for example. Employees for this organization rely heavily on the PCs they use to complete day-to-day tasks.

For this assignment, use the scenario above to develop a comprehensive plan for keeping PCs upgraded and functional through a proper hardware/software life cycle. As you develop a life cycle, be sure to do the following:

  • Create a core list of software applications for all computers that complement the need for efficiency and collaboration among workers. The software requirements should drive the specs for the next round of hardware requirements.
  • Imagine that you are the consultant recommending a plan, and include the specs for the next PC and laptop users will be upgrading to in the first life cycle.
  • Include state-of-the art mobile devices, such as tablets and other smart devices, for professional use only. Personal uses of organizational resources are prohibited.

well-written submission should meet the following requirements:

Include at least three outside credible resources.

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