Security Awareness Training Campaign Portfolio Item

Something Useful for your Cybersecurity Portfolio!

You will have the entire term to work on your Security Awareness Campaign portfolio assignment – which is not a group project (unless everyone emails me and begs for it to be a group project, and then I suppose I could make it a group project…if some students approach me to do this as a team I will consider that) You need to do all three of the following.

  1. Construct a security awareness training campaign on preventing social engineering. You will describe your plan on educating employees of a large U.S. company. It is your security awareness plan explaining how you will conduct this training throughout the company. Include what the training involves and how you would track employee involvement.
  2. Design a security awareness presentation.This is a 30 minute presentation that you would give to employees on social engineering awareness. Provide the PowerPoint or Prezi slides that you would use in this presentation. You should include notes to explain the slides. This can be in the notation area provided in PowerPoint or you can attach instructions along with the Prezi.
  3. Create a SURVEY to poll the employee population on their security and social engineering knowledge. You can use this survey to understand the knowledge level of your employees. IMPORTANT: Surveys are not quizzes, so there aren’t right or wrong answers.

Survey Humor

This is your chance to further show your creativity and design skills. Develop your awareness campaign as if you were to actually deliver it to fellow employees and your bosses. In other words, you want it to influence better and more secure behavior.

You’ll post as much as you feel comfortable posting to the discussion board for peer review – you can use the Security Awareness Training Campaign sharing board). If you want peer feedback that would be a great place to ask for it!

It would be truly awesome if everyone could pick a different company but I won’t be enforcing that. Remember that non-profit organizations are large companies, as well. If the company has an international headquarters, but has a major presence in the US that works, too.

This is due by the end of the term.

Make sure you save your assignment materials after you’ve turned them in because the Cybersecurity Program Director will be contacting you at some future point (before you graduate) regarding your Cybersecurity portfolio – he needs these projects (PII redacted) to use as assessment evidence for the Center of Excellence designation (various government agencies including DHS and NSA). Every Cybersecurity course has a built-in assessment and this is CYBR 520’s.

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