HTML CSS page , computer science homework help

In this assignment you will be writing CSS code for the provided HTML documents and uploading both to the ASU webspace.

NOTE: You can choose to use internal or external stylesheet for just to get more practice on CSS. The key thing about this assignment is you have to use boxes, table/list/form styles & layout concepts to complete the task.


Open the provided image files HW-Part 1 1st part A,HW-Part 1 1st part B,HW-Part 1 2nd part

  1. Review the HTML provided in this assignment and think about how you want to style it.
  2. This work is assigned to make you more skilled at applying CSS styles and apply the concepts from Chapter 13, 14 and 15.
  3. You may externally link your “HW12-part1AB.css” to the “HW12-part1AB.html” file (and similarly for your second file “HW12-part2.css” to the “HW12-part2.html” file ) you would be creating from image files listed above using the appropriate tag and attributes.
  4. You should add box besides the color, font and text properties that you have learned.
  5. Upload your html and css files to your ASU web space.
  6. Validate your CSS at and fix any errors.

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