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Deciding how to organize the information systems (IS) function within a business is not as easy as deciding how to organize other functional areas. The IS department is an integral part of any successful business. Programmers, analysts, IS managers, and the chief information officers (CIO) are major players in the IS function. The most important role in effectively using technology belongs to the users. Large corporations use a chief security officer, chief privacy officer, and a chief knowledge officer to ensure investments in information technology pay big dividends to the firm. Assume you are to advise a large manufacturing firm planning to update its IS department, how would you design the department to provide the following services?

  • Maintaining computer platforms
  • Providing telecommunications
  • Managing data, including storage and analysis capabilities
  • Providing application software
  • Determining which technologies will be used, when, and how
  • Educating employees and training managers about information technologies
  • Researching future projects and investments in information systems 


a) Preper and submit an outline of a scientific paper based on the above.

b) Use APA 6 format.

c) Your outline should start with your title page

d) List three academicresources, peer-reviewed, that you will use in your References section.

e) Submit the draft no later than 10/15/2016.

f) Use the provided APA link on the Bb to access APA 6 resource.

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