Peer Review Article CRM

  1. Students will be writing a peer-reviewed journal article paper relating to customer relationship management (CRM). 

    Paper Requirements:

    1. Minimum of five pages (not counting title or reference page)

    2. A minimum of four peer-reviewed articles (articles should not be older than five years)

    3. Students are to summarize the article by providing the following information:

        a) Author’s name and background – this may require additional research (i.e., education, career)

        b) Purpose of the article (summary of what this article is about)

        c) Significant lessons learned (summary of what you learned or found interesting)

        d) What CRM theories and/or practices are discussed?

        e) What CRM strategies are discussed?

        f) Recommendations / Applications (how can you apply the lesson learned from this article to your current position)

         h) A discussion on why today’s marketing managers should take an interest in CRM.

    5. Proper APA guidelines


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