Freshman Lecture Series


Link of the video that you should write about:



Directions: Attend one of the two Freshman Lecture Series events listed below and turn in a one to two page paper describing the major points made in the talk. Choose and discuss the key learnings that you take away from the presentation and tie those to your career plans. For instance, if a speaker talks about sustainable principles, discuss how you feel that this topic will apply to your career.

Make sure that the paper is well-written. It should begin with an introductory paragraph that describes the person, venue and major discussion topic. Follow that with a discussion of key learnings that you took away from the talk, and then tie the learnings into your career goals. Finally end the paper with your overall impressions of the talk.

The paper should be typed, 12 pt. font, Arial or New Times Roman, 1 inch margins all around. Make sure that the paper contains your name and the assignment number, along with the date.

Note that you will have two of these papers during the semester, so you can attend each of the two sessions below and provide a report if you like. Three additional sessions will be given later in the semester. Each session is also recorded and can be viewed after the event. 

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