Holism vs. Reductionism, Research Paper help

Included in this folder are the guidelines for submitting your research paper.  Additionally, there are a fewwebsites to start your research.  You will still need to add professional references.  One suggestion is to go to EBSCO Host to locate Journal Articles.  Don’t forget your references and citations (APA).

  • The paper will be five pages:  (a) Describe Holism – 2 pages, (b) Describe Reductionism – 2 pages, (c) Compare and contrast Holism versus Reductionism – 1 page.
  • APA format; Minimum of 4 professional/peer review references.  Note: Professional references refer to books and journals.  (Typical internet resources are not considered professional resources).  Below you will find Internet sites that may assist you with your research.  Please note, these are not ‘professional references’.

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