Write a 2-3 page paper explain how to conduct an investigative preview, computer science homework help

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Your assignment is to write a 2-3 page paper explaining how you would conduct the investigative preview, and what you would hope to gather from the preview. 

Include a brief summary from the case

Your paper needs to explain the preview process in some detail and shouldn’t be a reiteration of the case. 

You’re preview should answer who, what, when, where, why, and how. The last one, “how” is vitally important and should explain your recommended procedures in detail. Your report should also outline what you would do if evidence was found that supported the allegations against the suspect. 

You also need to discuss what to do if no evidence is found that supports the allegation.

Provide your answers in a Word document and title it with your name, course, and Case Study

Written work must follow APA or MLA formatting for the paper, citations, and any references. Make sure you are fully answering the questions using proper grammar and spelling.

Case Study Scenario:

My supervisor has given me a case about a potential child pornography offender who works as a teacher. Your job is to assist me. Let’s get started.

My role today is as a Senior Forensic Analyst and an investigator. Sometimes I must go on site to preview data on computers owned or used by potential suspects. Many times we get a tip that we must check out, and it’s more practical to go on site and preview data as a preliminary step. Today, we’ll learn about what you need to do in order to search computers on site without altering possible evidence. Here’s a bit of background on the case we’ll be examining today.

Zane Wilkens teaches history at Fuller Middle School. There are rumors floating about that Zane has been molesting students and taking illicit pictures of them. It is alleged that he views these images on his office computer. After hearing about this case, as an investigator, do you agree to look into this matter?

I’m suggesting we conduct an on-site preview. An on-site preview occurs when law enforcement investigators view information on a computer on-site without actually removing the device from the premises. With software and other materials, the investigator is able to look at the data stored on a computer without altering any potential evidence. Do we need formal written consent from the school district to conduct an on-site preview on Zane’s work computer? You must obtain written consent

Since the middle school principle and district superintendent have given us written consent to conduct a preview of Zane’s work computer, we’ll need to gather some supplies. It’s important to find out if there is a basis for the rumors before we can charge Zane with anything. I’ve compiled a checklist of the items we’ll need. Take a look!

When we go on-site to preview Zane’s computer, we need to be sure to use the correct procedure, so we don’t alter evidence. Using a forensic boot CD or a write block, laptop and forensic software trio, we can access the computer’s hard drive without altering it. While on site, what other evidence could help sustain or disprove the allegations? Some pieces of evidence include: camera, e-mail on network server; and items found in his work area such as USB drives, notes, photos, and documents. Later, I’ll be asking you to write a report that outlines what you would do if we found evidence that supported the allegations against Zane. I will also ask you to discuss what to do if no evidence is found. Please keep this in mind.

So, what are some of the advantages of conducting an on-site preview versus seizing computer media? Select all that apply.

If after conducting the on-site preview you find evidence that supports the allegations, it’s preferable to obtain a search warrant before leaving the site.

When Zane was hired he signed an acceptable use policy. By signing this document Zane relinquished all rights to privacy on the school owned computer and network. Click her to view an acceptable use policy.

Now that we have walked throughout this case, it’s time for you to reflect on what you’ve learned through a writing assignment. Click the assignment button to get started. Be sure to ask your instructor any questions that may arise. Take care!

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