computer incident response team CIRTP plan

  • Discuss how a large company’s public image is affected after it reveals a security incident to the general public. Recommend three ways to represent this company in a public relations campaign following a significant disruption to its operations. 

  • Suggest three ways to improve this company’s computer incident response team plan (CIRTP) under the circumstance identified in Question 1 of this discussion. Support your answer.

  • Create a list of three best practices that any Information Technology Administrator could leverage to implement a computer incident response team (CIRT) plan. Explain your rationale. 

  • Assume that you are a manager responsible for the CIRT and you are having your first team meeting. Summarize introductory remarks that you would present to the CIRT that emphasize the importance of the CIRT, the value added to the organization by the CIRT, and how the CIRT plays a key role in mitigating the organization’s risk.

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