System Analysis & Design with UML Version 2.0 Minicase Question 2

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Complete Minicase2.png (Number 2 in pic).  See Figure 5-6.png Sample CRC Card, Figure 5-7.png  Sample Class Diagram. Work through it and answer the questions.

  1. Identify the classes described in the preceding scenario (you should find six). Create CRC cards for each class.

    Customers are assigned a customer ID when they make their first purchase from Holiday Travel Vehicles. Name, address, and phone number are recorded for the customer. The trade-in vehicle is described by a serial number, make, model, and year. Dealer-installed options are described by an option code, description, and price.

  2. Develop a list of attributes for each class. Place the attributes onto the CRC cards.

    Each invoice lists just one customer. A person does not become a customer until he or she purchases a vehicle. Over time, a customer may purchase a number of vehicles from Holiday Travel Vehicles.

    Every invoice must be filled out by only one salesperson. A new salesperson might not have sold any vehicles, but experienced salespeople have probably sold many vehicles.

    Each invoice only lists one new vehicle. If a new vehicle in inventory has not been sold, there will be no invoice for it. Once the vehicle sells, there will be just one invoice for it.

    A customer may decide to have no options added to the vehicle or may choose to add many options. An option may be listed on no invoices or it may be listed on many invoices.

    A customer may trade in no more than one vehicle on a purchase of a new vehicle. The trade-in vehicle may be sold to another customer who later trades it in on another Holiday Travel vehicle.

  3. Based on the preceding business rules in force at Holiday Travel Vehicles and CRC cards, draw a class diagram and document the relationships with the appropriate multiplicities. Remember to update the CRC cards.

You can download and install Visio for free from Microsoft Dreamspark:

You can also use Argo:

You can also use LibreOffice open source:

Download the UML shapes here:

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