Windows Client Lock Down

Practice locking down a Windows client using the steps below.

Task Description

    1. Analyze the vulnerabilities.
    2. Analyze the threats.
    3. Assess the risks.
    4. Lock it down explaining the steps you took to apply the countermeasures.

Open a browser and search for a free Network Scanning Tool. There are many out there, so select the one of your choice and download it. After downloading and installing, run a vulnerability scan of your personal system to discover any vulnerabilities. After discovery, write a brief summary analyzing the vulnerabilities, threats, and the risks that your system could be exposed to. Next explain the steps you took or would take to apply the countermeasures.

***4-5 Pages in APA with 3 References………..Make sure there is an Abstract, Conclusion along with the reference page***

Screen shots of the lab work on seperate pages that do not count towards the writings.

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