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the professor give me zero for this and her comment was”its not actual plan” so i want someone find an incident response and Write 2 paragraphs assessing whether you think it is adequate or not

Assignment 7 – Find an incident response plan.Write 2 paragraphs assessing whether you thinkit is adequate or not

Any Incidence response plan should be timely and efficient to ensure that no loss hasoccurred after an incidence. The aforementioned response plan is quality since it combinesefficient channels of communication which is the central most important part of managing anincident. The response plan begins by communication from the help desk to systemsadministrator to ensure that an effective alert has been provided aimed at averting the risk.Depending on the nature of the incidence, it is important to engage important persons in the riskdepartment to ensure that the incidence has been managed. The response plan is also effectivesince it also contains all the resources and personnel required to ensure that the incidence iseffectively managed.The most important aspect of the aforementioned incidence plan is that it containscountermeasures of ensuring that kind of incidence has not occurred in the future. The responseplan also engaged team members of an organization instead of an individual, a factor that makesit effective. Team members engaged in finding ways to avert incidences that might occur in thefuture. The plan also includes a stage for approval by the top management to ensure that all theopportunities that caused such as incidence have been approved. Reviewing incidences andupdating the necessary changes should always be involved to ensure that kind of incidence hasbeen solved adequately.Reference:“Incident Response Plan Example.” Incident Response Plan Example. Computer TechnologyDocumentation Project, n.d. Web. 10 Nov. 2014.

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