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Problem:  I have decided to open my own flower shop and name it Cheryl’s Floral Emporium.  My director of marketing has advised me that I should have my own Web site. This would be the perfect venue in which to advertise and promote my new floral adventure. I have hired you to create my new Web site. Creativity is one of my top requirements since floral design is a highly creative process.

Basic Requirements:

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Web Page


You Will Need the Following Files

You Will Save Web Page as

Home page

The home page should provide an introduction to Cheryl’s Floral Emporium. This page also needs contact information and a photo of our entrance and our logo. Please include the flower picture as well.

New blank file



shop door.jpg




Feature page

The name of this page is Signature Classes.

This page features my signature classes that will be offered. The page should incorporate a JavaScript script, placed in the head section that contains a scrolling text message. Please include at least two future classes of your own creation!

New blank file.


Christmas floral.jpg



Calendar page

Include a page name.

Include a JavaScript script across the top of the page. Please create a calendar for December. (see tut 12 folder included for files  This is located on pg 670 in text) I will give you ten extra credit pts if you can incorporate the countdown for Christmas Day. (clock function is on pg 618 of text).

New blank file


I have included tut 12 monthly calendar files and tut 11 clock files for you.


Order page

Include a page name.

This page should feature an order form for those wanting to purchase floral pieces or sign up for one of my design classes. I would like each of you to design your own order form. You have learned several methods of design.

 The only thing I ask is to incorporate the jpg files that I have included and that the

form should use the most method and be submitted to

http:www.cheryl’sfloral emporium.com/cgi-bin/display_results.pl.

New blank file





potted arrangement.jpg


As you create the Web site, the design and presentation of the information is your choice, but pay careful attention to the following items:

·  Use of color, fonts, legibility, and consistency.

·  Make sure my logo is used through out!

·  Make sure you use correct form of file hierarchy (image folder, etc.)

·  Each Web page should include a comment with the page name and your first and last names.

·  Each Web page should include an appropriate title (include title tags) and headings.

·  Each web page should include a consistent navigation area that contains links to the other three pages in the Web site. Make sure all your hyperlinks are functioning!

·  Use Alt tags for all graphics.

·  Styles should be included throughout the Web site.

·  The Web site should validate as transitional XHTML.

Specific Information for each page:

1.  Review the Ppt slides that I have created on Design Principles in session 15. These were created to facilitate your knowledge about Web design principles and about what works and what doesn’t.

2.  You will be utilizing the design rubric (mandatory assignment) in your design process. The object of this project is for you to do a design analysis before you actually begin your creation of the Web pages. It defeats the purpose to do it after your work is done. Truly great designers put there thoughts on paper first and then dig in!

3.  Create a new document in notepad and save it as indicated.

4.  At the beginning of the document, insert the XML, declaration and the complete <!DOCTYPE> definition, and then press enter four times

5.  Add html element with xml namespace.

6.  Add comment with your name.

7.  Add body.

8.  Close body and html.

9.  Save as directed and view in several browsers to verify all is well!.

web site file 

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