Information Assurance

First choose a use case. You can choose from the following examples or create one yourself. Example use case 1 is an 802.11 wireless network for users in an enterprise network at a location with several different buildings spread out within fenced physical perimeter. Example use case 2 is an 802.11 wireless network for staff on a large university campus. Example use case 3 is an 802.11 wireless network for medical devices within a hospital. We want to secure the wireless network using 802.11i. So we need to choose an EAP method to use for authenticating with 802.1x. Consider the guidance provided in NIST SP 800-97 and SP 800-120. You will find chapter 6 of SP 800-97 and appendix A of SP 800-120 will provide the most relevant information but entirety of both documents are helpful. I have attached an example of what the paper should look like.

Once again consider the suggested structure for your response (three to five pages) is 1) interpretation of the question including a description of your use case; 2) context [authoritative documents]; 3) introduction to the NIST guidance; 4) introduction to your choice of EAP method; 5) analysis; 6) conclusions; and 7) references cited. Please consider footnotes or endnotes for each key point and for captions for figures/tables.……

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