visual basic

Choose an unfamiliar control from the Toolbox and write an application to show how this control works. You may take any control; however, any Data control (from the Data group) will add a lot of extra work to your project and you may have to read the Data chapter on your own. In conclusion, you may want to skip the Data controls.

  • Your control cannot be something that we already discussed in class, choose something new (e.g. a Tree View or a Calendar)
  • Make sure that you prove to me that you understand the properties and the methods of your control. You do not need to use all of them, but the ones that are essential to that particular control. For example, if you work with a Tree View and use its Height and Width properties, that does not count.
  • When finished, save your project folder as a .zip file and submit.

please make sure to show everything needed to be clear with any toolbox. it’s very simple. USE visual studio 2015

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