week 3, week 4 Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) Regulation About Wisp, computer science homework help

Week 3: Please Read over the WISP Compliance Checklist and Guidelinessec-plan-smallbiz-guide.pdfView in a new window and write at least1-2 Pages of how your companies Regulation about WISP. compliance-checklist.pdfView in a new window. If it inst regulated by WISP then how would it apply to a potential employer.

proffeser comment on week 3 assignment: This sounds like, you were attempting to copy the Case Studys in the course. As well the paper doesn’t have your name or course number on it. re-do this assignment please.(i attached my homework file just check out and re-do this assignment)

week 4: Please find a relevant topic in regards to INFORMATION SECURITY, with a 2 page description of the article.

proffeser comment on week 4 assignment: Article was not Attached, but references assisted in finding it. Also Formatting on the paper is not following college standards.(i attached my homework and just put article and do some format like college standards.)like name, profeser name, title, course number .

please follow the profeser comments and re-do the assignments
thank you

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