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  1. (P. 190, Chapter 7, Exercises 1) Describe the difference between black-box and white-box testing techniques.
  2. (P. 264, Chapter 9, Exercises 8) What are the advantages and disadvantages of random testing?
  3. (P. 354, Chapter 11, Exercises 8) Implement the requirement model discussed in this chapter.
  4. (P. 406, Chapter 12, Exercises 8) What are the objectives of the first, second, and the third system test cycles?
  5. (P. 469, Chapter 14, Exercises 3) Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of customer involvement in testing.

Refer software testing textbook here for above questions

Maximum number of pages for each question is three and minimum number of page is two. Use page break to separate answers for each question.

Do not include your name, questions, and reference on your submitted document.

12 point font size and double space.

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