I need some one good at IDLE (Python 3.5), programming homework help

I need you to this assignment with the extra credit: Create a function that will generate a list of random numbers. The function should accept a number that represents the size of the list and return the list. Modify the shell sort and merge sort functions to perform benchmark analysis on each of these functions. You can use some type of counting such as comparisons and/or swaps or you could use time. These files can be found in the I:koppoutboxCS 222 02Final Project folder. Run the benchmark analysis on each sorting function for list sizes of 1000, 10000, and 100000. Print the size and the benchmark values (time or counts). Write an essay discussing your results. Be sure complete in your explanation. In your conclusion, determine which, if any, of the sorting techniques are better. Add the following comments to the beginning of the program. Name: Your Name Class and Section: CS 222 02 Assignment: Final B Due Date: See above Date Turned in: Program Description: You write a short description of what the program will do 10 Extra Credit Points For program B, include the quick sort and implement both comparison and time analysis. Include both in your essay.

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