A memo about policy statement, computer science homework help


Your boss is Billy Gibbons who owns La Grange Industries Incorporated (LII). You are a mobile application developer. Someone in Billy’s IT department told him that his company needs to be careful about employees bringing their own mobile devices to work. Billy needs a BYOD policy statement. Billy asks you to write a memo that provides issues which should be included in this policy statement.


  1. Find and read at least one reference from the Internet from within the past 3 years about BYOD issues.
  2. Write a short business memo to Mr. Gibbons (about 350 words) that lists four issues that should be included in the BYOD policy statement.
  3. For each issue state why you believe the issue should be included in the BYOD policy statement.
  4. Your memo must include in-text citations and a reference list for at least two references; one can be the textbook.
  5. Improper English, misspellings, and poor grammar result in lower grades.

NOTE: The answer should be between 300 to 350 words and without plaigrasm.

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