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Answer and explain the following questions:

1. Which one of the following terms best describes what allows the developer to pick a device for creating an emulator and determines which platform(s) the app will support?

a.  API level

b.  Google APIs

c.  Build tools

d.  AVD profile

2. On the Welcome to Android Studio screen, to work with the BorderlessButtons sample application, which of the following Quick Start options should you select?

a.  Start a new Android Studio project

b.  Open an existing Android Studio project

c.  Import an Android code sample

d.  Check out your project from Version Control

3. In Android Studio, which tab should you use to view breakpoints, step through code, and watch the Logcat logging information about your application?

a. Variable Browser

b. Step Into

c. Debugger

d. Android Runtime


1. Describe the purpose of the Minimum SDK options listed in the Create New Project creation wizard.

2. Found in the Create New Project creation wizard, is an Activity option listed on the Add an activity to Mobile screen named Fullscreen Activity. Create a new application with that Activity, and then describe the difference between a Blank Activity and a Fullscreen Activity. Capture the screenshots to explain the difference.

Please give a breif description about Answers follow Apa Format..

Refer ANDROID APPLICATION textbook here

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