Data warehouse, powerpoint presentation help

The white paper (Attached below)The Microsoft Modern Data Warehouse discusses how enterprise data warehousing has evolved and the Microsoft approach to data warehousing. Topics discussed include a review of traditional data warehouses, key trends in breaking traditional data warehousing, and how to evolve to a modern data warehouse.

Previously you developed a presentation on the importance of data integrity. Now you will give a presentation to new interns on how to evolve traditional data warehouses.

Prepare a 6- to 8-slide (excluding title and reference slides) PowerPoint that highlights some key trends mentioned in the white paper. Include discussion on why it is important to evolve traditional data warehouses, and also discuss how this is affecting the outlook for future data warehouse solutions.The following critical elements will be addressed in this submission:

 Discuss the importance of evolving enterprise data warehousing.

 Identify key trends in big data analytics.

 Discuss how trends affect the outlook for future data warehouse solutions.

 Include accurate interrelation of sources used (“speaker notes”) to further the overall presentation

References to be mentioned and appropriate APA citations to be mentioned. No plagiarism Please. 

White paper to be used and it is attached below.

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