Diagram Exercises

Problem 1 – FDD, Context-level Diagram, and Diagram 0

SnoopNe Systems has been contracted by Kimmy’s Kandies to develop their new order system.  You were just hired by the owners of the company, Mr. Dogg and Mr. Yo, and asked to create a FDD, Context-level diagram and Diagram 0. Ms. Kimmy stated that she needs her system to do 4 things: (1) capture customer information, (2) display candy available for purchase, (3) accept orders and payments, and (4) issue shipment orders that are sent to the warehouse.  The three types of “users” of the system are customers, warehouse staff (they receive shipment orders & maintain the inventory information that is used to show available product), and the accounting system (which posts payments).

Draw a FDD, context-level diagram, and diagram 0 for Kimmy’s order system.

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