Can someone help me with C++

hi i was wondering if someone can help me in writing this,
Create a class Student with the following private attributes:
 Student ID: should be an integer attribute.
 Student Name: should be a string attribute.
 Student Major: should be an object of class Major.
 Student Number of Credits: should be an integer attribute.
 Student GPA: should be a floating-point attribute.
 Student Level: should be a string attribute.
 Average GPA: should be a static floating-point attribute.
 Number of Students: should be a static integer attribute.
The class Student should contain the following behaviors:
 A constructor with no arguments should initialize the attributes to empty values except for Student Major and Average GPA.
 A constructor with five arguments (ID, Name, Major, Credits, GPA) should call the set all function.
 Number of Students attribute must be initialized to 0 and incremented by 1 in both constructors.
 Set functions for each attribute that enables cascading except for Student Level and Number of Students with the necessary integrity checking.
 A static set function that must assigns the attribute Average GPA, which is equal to the sum of all students’ GPAs divided by the number of students.
 A set all function that takes five arguments and calls the attributes’ set functions.
 Constant get functions for each attribute except for Number of Students. Average GPA should not have a constant get function, but a static get function.
 A destructor should decrement the Number of Students by 1 and print the Student Name plus the phrase “has been removed.”
 A print function to display the values of the attributes in a tabular format except for Average GPA and Number of Students. Student GPA should have only 1 decimal place.
 A utility function that sets the student level based on the number of credits found within the student’s major. The function must be called when the major is given to the student and when the student number of credits is changed. The following ranges must be used: 0 – 30: Sophomore / 31 – 60: Junior / 61 and up: Senior

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