PowerShell script for starting service and calling external script on remote machine.. I have most of the script written where it will start the w3svc service (which is what I need). Then I have added an extra elseif statement which will be used to call an external script for each machine listed in servers.txt. These may be powershell scripts or bat scripts.. All I am looking to do is look at servers.txt pull in the server name and then look at the name/location of the script residing on that server and run that script (on the remote server) with a start or stop command. I then am using a write-output in both operations to log exactly what has been done to a log file. Once I get this start script going then I need to use the same script to create a stop script which will use the same servers.txt to stop the w3svc service and run an external script with a stop argument. I am adding the code that I have already. I have tried to use WMI for this so I can leverage Powershell 3 but am not opposed to something different if it is cleaner. Also if there is anything that needs cleaning up in my current script I would appreciate the input. SVCStart.ps1 # Setup trap to catch exceptions trap [Exception] { write-error $(“TRAPPED: ” + $_.Exception.Message); } $start = $true #Assuming headers of “computername”,”operation”,”service” $computers = Import-CSV ‘C:scriptsservers.txt’ foreach($computer in $computers) { write-host $computer.computername $computer.service $computer.operation $objWMIService = Get-WmiObject -Class win32_service -computer $computer.computername -filter “name = ‘$($computer.service)'” if($computer.operation -eq “service”) { if($objWMIService.state -ne “Running”) { $objWMIService.StartService() | Out-Null; # Refresh the object instance $state = (Get-WmiObject Win32_Service -Filter “Name = ‘$($computer.service)'” -computer $ Write-Output “$($computer.service) is “”$state”” on $($” | Out-File C:scriptslog.txt -append } } elseif($computer.operation -eq “script”) { $operation = [IO.File]::ReadAllText(“.external.ps1”) Invoke-Expression $service Write-Output “$($service.service) is “”$state”” on $($” | Out-File C:scriptsexternallog.txt -append #As part of the ElseIF I have to call whatever script (may be different names) for each server listed under service. # As part of calling the EXTERNAL script I need to be able to give it a start of stop argument. # so this portion of the start script is going to be pulling from the third placement on server.txt under the header of service. #[the script will live on the remote server, this is where I want to use psremoting (or WMI If possible )to run the script *on* the remote server. } } Servers.txt computername,operation,service <–headers c1399,w3svc,c:scriptsexternal.ps1 <–Server name, service, external script location Wn2k8srv,script,c:scriptsdotwhatever.bat XcutionDT,w3svc,c:scriptsvstudio.ps1 XcutionSRV,script,c:scriptsgetprocess.ps1 Optional Information: Language (or Software): Other Already Tried: I have written most of the script but I cant figure out how to use invoke-expression to run the external script and add in a start argument..

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