Employee Motivation

Select and complete one of the following assignments:

Option 1: Personal Motivation Paper

Choose two professional situations: one in which you were motivated and one in which you were not motivated.

Write a 2-to4-page paper that addresses the following information:

  • A brief description of both situations and why you were motivated and demotivated.

  • Explain how the situations align with the various motivational theories.

  • What specific motivational technique (if any) was at play in the motivational situation?

  • In the case of the demotivated situation, what motivational technique should have been implemented and why?

Option 2: Employee Motivation Presentation

You are a new manager of an IT organization and are faced with the challenge of motivating your employees to produce double the numbers they did last quarter.

Create a 5-to7-slide Microsoft®PowerPoint® presentation that addresses the following information:

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