Human Computer Interaction M

Find at least 3 different direct-manipulation interfaces that have some kind of meaning to you.

When you find the interfaces, discuss the following in a 500+ word paper.

This paper must contain:

  • your observations
  • no copied text from any external source
  • If you use a source, please cite and reference your source.


  • how easy is it to master?
  • Do you feel that a novice user could become competent in the use of the system quickly? Why?
  • Are you able to retain the mastery of the commands over time?
  • Do you enjoy using the interface? Explain your reasons?
  • Would you show off the interface to someone with no knowledge of the interface? Why or Why not?
  • Would you be willing to explore the more advanced features of the interface?


no plagiarism,should meet all the requirements

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