Data Structure Using C++ : STACK ADT


Project: One of the stack applications is to backtrack. As an example take a list of numbers. Each time we read 0, display the number of elements in the stack, each time we read 1, display the element at the top of the stack, each time we read a positive number we push it onto the stack, and each time we read a negative number, we pop and print as many values from the stack as the absolute value of the negative number. If there are fewer numbers in the stack, print a message and nothing else. When the end of the file is detected, print a message and the items left in the stack. See two examples on the next page.

1. Download and unzip the file.

2. Check the PDF files in the extracted files carefully.

3. You can utilize all the sources in the decompressed file.

4. You must meet the requirements listed in the PDF file.

5. Submit within the given time.

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