Software Testing and Quality of a parking lot calculation application, computer science homework

SCENARIO: You are hired to test a parking lot calculation application. This application is provided for the convenience of travelers that use a certain parking lot, and provides them with an estimate of the costs they should expect to pay when parking on that lot. There are different sections ofthe lot, and each has a different pricing level associated with it. There is short-term, economy, long-term surface, long-term garage and valet parking. As a bonus, if you park in the economy lot, your 7th day of parking is free.
 Question 1: 
 A) Review the scenario above and write 5 user stories to capture some of the core requirements for this application. Use good story writing format when documenting these requirements. this scenario will be carried forward into future questions, so be thoughtful about the user story writing process.
 B) Write acceptance criteria for each story. 
Question 2: 
 Assignment Description: Consider the user stories/requirements you developed In Question 1 and use those stories as input to this assignment. Feel free to identify additional requirements as needed to complete this assignment.
 A) Identify a list of at least ten test conditions you would want to test for the above parking application. 
 B) Prioritize each of the test conditions. 
 C) Identify how and why you prioritized the test conditions the way you did.
 D) Identify which requirement(s) each of your test conditions are traceable to 
 Question 3: 
 Assignment Description: Use the scenario from above and Question 2 for this exercise. 
 A) Identify a list of at least five test cases you would want to test for the above parking application. Be specific and detailed in your test case design. 
 B) Prioritize each of the test cases.
 C) Identify how and why you prioritized each test case the way you did.
D) Explain what considerations went into your decision to select these test cases over other possible ones.

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