​Project Title: RE-TALE/ I just need code

Project Title: RE-TALE

Goal: Our application will use the Kalman Filter to determine how busy an establishment currently is.

We need a web-application that has a HTML structure and uses PHP language to access a MySQl database.

Below is a list of features that will be in the app. All complements must access information from a database:

1. Restaurant – allows the user to search near by restaurants

2. Medical- list of nearby medical facilities

3. Bar/lounge – list of near by nightlife locations

4. Retail- list grocery, clothing, electronic retailers in the area

5. Login button

6. Search button

7. Contact us

I have created a database with a list of stores in the DC area. I need to figure out how to connect the schema to a server. I have also attached to this email a visual sketch of the application.

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