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“Your Certification Goals” Please respond to the following:

Security is something we all need to think about. Not only do we have physical security concerns such as home security systems, ID badges, fingerprint scanners, and security guards working in the lobby, but we also have to worry about what’s known as “black hat” hackers. That name originated from the bad guys in old western movies. The black hat hackers are the bad guys of the computer world. They want to hack into your computer systems, steal, monitor, and/or damage your systems.

Another group of hackers are called the ‘white-hat” or “ethical” hackers. These people use the same techniques as the bad guys, but they do it openly and share the security vulnerabilities that they locate. As a result, the vulnerabilities can be shut down and/or “patched”. It’s as if you’re hiring a burglar or a police officer to check your home for easy entry points for burglars to gain access. When they tell you what they’ve found, they add a stronger lock or an alarm system to increase the security of your system. Right now, you’re likely concentrating on your A+ certification. CompTIA has other certifications. The security certification they offer is called Security+ and may be relevant to your goals.

    • Go to the CompTIA website and review their certifications.
    • Locate the ones you find interesting and in a few sentences, discuss how you think you might use it on the job.
    • What is the purpose in certification? Why should you obtain certification? If you’re not interested in certifications, explain why and what you plan to

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