Perform a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) analysis, week 8 discussion, computer science homework help

Question 2

Perform a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) analysis of your project

To perform a CSR analysis of your project, simply answer the series of questions on the last page of this week’s seminar

CSR Analysis of your project

Examine your project and then answer the following three sets of questions. You will probably need your supervisor to assist you.

The principles:

Principle of institutional legitimacy

Would the technology I develop be welcomed by society?

Principle of public responsibility

Is the benefit greater than the risk?

Principle of managerial discretion

Is my work and behaviour ethical and socially responsible?

The processes:

Environmental assessment

Have I asked the right questions?

Stakeholder management

Have I asked the right questions of the right people?

Issues management

Have I been thorough in thinking this through and prepared as well as I can?

The outcomes:

Social Impacts

Will the software/services I provide work to benefit the company and society?

Social programs

Does the software/services take into account all relevant legislation and compliance requirements?

Social policies

Can I take my knowledge into the community to enhance the reputation of my company and support the community in which my company operates?



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