Microsoft Excel 2010

Start Excel. Open the downloaded Excel workbook named Exploring_e03_Grader_IR.xlsx.

Select cells A4:E10. Insert a 2-D Clustered Colum chart based on the selected data.

Move the chart so that its top left corner is in the upper left corner of cell A13. Change the width of the chart to 6″ and the height to 4″.

Select the nonadjacent ranges A4:A10 and F4:F10. Insert a 2-D Pie chart based on the selected data.

Move the pie chart to a new worksheet named Pie Chart. Apply the Chart Style 26 and the Chart Layout 6 to the pie chart.

Edit the data in the pie chart so that it includes the ranges A4:A10 and D4:D10 (ticket sales for November only). Change the chart type to Pie in 3-D.

Set the Homecoming Dinner-Dance data point explosion to 50%. Format the data labels to show values (in addition to the existing percentages) but not leader lines.

Modify the chart title of the pie chart to be November Ticket Sales.

On Sheet 1, add the title Event Tickets by Month above the chart. Insert data labels at the outside end of the November data points.

In the 2-D Column chart, add a rotated primary vertical axis title as Tickets Sold. Change the fill color of the November data series to Light Blue (under Standard Colors).

Add a linear trendline to the November data series.

Insert column sparklines in cells G5:G11. Include the data range B5:E11 (September through December data) in the charts. Show the high point in each of the sparklines. Set the marker color of each high point to Green (under Standard Colors).

Enter Trends in cell G4.

Prepare Sheet1 for printing by changing the orientation to Landscape. Ensure that the worksheets are correctly named and placed in the following order in the workbook: Pie Chart; Sheet1.


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