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GUI Components Program

Both options for this assignment ask you to use basic Java® GUI components, such as buttons, labels, text fields, and menus, to solve a typical business problem.

: Retail Calculator

A retailer would like a calculator to indicate sale prices when he marks items down at various percentages.

Design, implement, test, and debug a GUI application that allows the retailer to enter the item’s name, the item’s original price, and the percentage discounted.

·  The application should include a Calculate button that, when pressed, computes and displays the sale price in a label or text field.

·  The program should allow the retailer to enter any number of items in this manner.

·  Include an Exit button to end the execution of the application.

·  The program should allow the user to select a department from a menu. You may create the menu as a true menu, a JComboBox, or radio buttons.

·  Create your own list to populate the menu: men’s clothing, women’s clothing, house wares, and so forth.

·  Include at least five departments.

·  Create a JTextArea or a JTable to display each of the following for each item entered:

o  Item name

o  Department

o  Original price

o  Sale price

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