Incident handling and response paper assignment

  1. You have to choose one of the two breaches you can select from in the spreadsheet attached. Pick the one you like better, has better information, or that you just fance. Up to you.
    1. Summarize (one page or less) the breach that you have selected.
    2. Include a proper APA formatted reference for your breach.
    3. Include a screen print of the breach information.
    4. You will need to do some research to find the published information on your breaches.
  2. Obtain and summarize 5 additional references for your paper.
    1. The references should be about the type of breach your organization suffered, how to manage them, how to prevent them, etc. Content relevant to your breach.
    2. You must provide 5 references, and you will use at least 3 of these in your paper.
    3. Each summary must be at least ½ page, and must include a proper APA formatted reference.
    4. They must be from legitimate sites, such as news organizations, security organizations or blogs, academic or government sources. Wikipedia is not acceptable.
    5. Include a screen print of each reference.

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