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1. Assignment Objectives • Gain basic research skills and technical writing and presentation experience 2. Task 1 For this project you will investigate a Virus/Worm/Malware of your choice. Do the following tasks: 1) Write a report (3 – 5 pages) that should include at least these sections: 1) Abstract 2) Introduction 3) Impact of the Virus/Worm/Malware on the industry 4) Technical Description 5) Implication of the Virus/Worm/Malware on the industry 6) Summary 7) References 2) The report MUST be written using LaTex. You can use whatever style you want, but there is an example (IEEE formate style) on the Moodle page. In the example you will write your report in the paperTitle.tex file and place the images in the figures folder. For the references you will add them in the paperTitle.bib file. 3) Prepare to give a 20 – 30 minutes presentation about the Virus/Worm/Malware that you choose

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