Software Engineering Management / Research paper

Week 2 Assignment 1

W2_Assignment1 consists of four parts:

Part 1 Research Paper – Topic Selection

This week assignment: Research Paper on Artificial intelligence

ONE-page abstract what you propose to write in your paper. You also will be researching the references and need to submit at least 3 references.

Submit: The document with the title page, title, abstract section, reference section.

Research Paper (complete description)

Select your topic for your research paper for the course. The research paper will be 10 pages (double spaced) with a cover sheet and references at the end.


Cover Sheet – Should contain your name, course information, submitted to Prof…., University name and date

Abstract (1 Page) – will be a summary of what you propose to write in your paper. The reader will decide to read/not to read your paper based upon the contents in your abstract.

Table of Contents – self-explanatory

Introduction: Introduce your topic, discuss what is the importance of the topic and how you propose to present the contents of the paper (2 pages)

Technology / Advantages – Disadvantages or Future of the topic – 1 – 2 pages

Conclusion – 1 page

References – Minimum of 15

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