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Part 2

Look ahead to the Final Project. Start thinking about what you want to do for your website. You may want to work on your final project a little each week to follow along with the lessons.

Create a website about anything you choose. (This might be a good time to help out your local charity or your friend starting up a new business.) Your site must include:

  • At least 4 pages, showing good design principles
  • A video file with controls, sized appropriately (W1)
  • Styles optimized for mobile devices (W2)
  • An email address link hidden from spambots (W3)
  • A dialog box (W6)
  • Pull-down menus (since your site only contains four pages, you may make each pull-down menu point to the same four pages over and over) (W6)
  • A switchable style sheet on at least one page (W7)
  • An interactive map that finds the user’s location (W8)

For the purpose of this assignment, how your site looks and functions is more important than what the content is. You may use content from other places, but be sure to cite your sources.

Make sure all files are uploaded to cPanel and submit the URL for your site’s home page when you are finished.

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