Identify and Revisit, computer science homework help

“Identify and Revisit” Please respond to the following:

Okay, this is it. You’ve come a very long way in a short amount of time. You’ve learned a lot this week and all the weeks leading up to it. Inventory in your mind all the things you know now, that you didn’t know before you took CIS 106 and CIS 312. Now you should be extremely knowledgeable, perhaps even identifying yourself as a computer expert.

    • Revisit some of the areas where you didn’t feel very confident. Take a look at your grade book and concentrate on where you scored lowest in the simulations. Then as soon as you’re done with this week’s labs, go back and start studying previous lessons to prepare for your final exam.
    • In a few sentences, describe the areas where you felt a little less sure of yourself. Consider asking your classmates for pointers.
    • Identify a few study tricks that you use to prepare for exams and share these with your peers.
    • Identify an area that you initially struggled in and describe how you overcame it.

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