Implementation Proposal to the School Board, computer science homework help

Submit the Implementation Proposal to the School Board. Assuming that you obtained board approval to move forward with this project, you will next create a structure and implementation proposal that details the steps to complete the implementation from start to finish. Remember: you are providing an implementation strategy for IT staff that outlines the structure and steps for successful implementation. When you make assumptions based on the context and scenario, be sure to identify them and explain your reasoning. As a professional, you will want to provide support for your assumptions and conclusions to ensure your projects maintain validity. Specifically, the follow critical elements must be addressed:  Strategy—a strategy that will be used to complete the implementation of the ERP system  Rationale—a rationale for purchasing and implementing an ERP system  Implementation —steps required for a successful implementation Requirements of Submission: This submission should be two to three pages (not including cover pages and resources if applicable), double spaced, with 12-point Times New Roman font and one-inch margins, and written in APA format.

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