organizations are using interactive voice response systems, computer science Questions

1-Do some online research on how organizations are using interactive voice response systems (IVRs) to improve business processes. Write a short paper (2 to 3 pages Font 11 double space with reference) that illustrates the patterns of IVR use by business. Business reasons for implementing IVRs. And Benefits realized from IVR deployment. Include several case examples (10 points).

2-A company’s telephone exchange (PBX or hosted IP- PBX) digitizes telephone channels at 8000 smp/s, using 8 bits for quantization. The telephone exchange transmits simultaneously on 24 telephone channels over the same communications link (10 points). 

a)What’s the required per channel data rate (2 point)? 

b)What is the combined data rate for the 24 channels over the communications link (2 point)? 

c)In order to provide voice-mail service, the telephone exchange can store three-minute audio messages using the same digitizing process used for a telephone channel. How many megabytes of data storage space are needed to store a three-minute voice-mail message (6 points)?

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