Technical evidence Report


This assignment provides practice preparing a technical forensics report.

Project Overview

The XYZ Corporation, located at 123 Main St, is a third party debt recovery corporation that assists the IRS in the collection of small debts that are due to them. Charles has been sent to the XYZ Corporation to assist with the tightening up of the finances and expenditures of the XYZ Corporation. Charles main function is to review data and produce reports that will assist the corporation collect for the IRS in a timely and cost effective manner. Charles is considered an independent contractor; who works under the specific terms of his contract. He retains control over his schedule, is not directly supervised by the company and most importantly uses his own laptop, flash drives, cd’s, etc, all of which he takes home every evening. The corporation has provided Charles with office space, (he works from home at times) phone and access to the network. The network administrator has provided Charles with a login that has been approved by the Network Administrator from the IRS. Additionally, Charles has obtained local administrative rights granted directly from the IRS.

After a few weeks, the Network administrator for the XYZ Corporation has received an alert complaining of the speed of the bandwidth; namely it is too slow. The network administrator goes through the user accounts and realizes that one of the users has been downloading heavy amounts of child pornography. After further review it is deemed that the download is originating from Charles’ account. Recently, Charles has been going through some personal conflict at home and has been staying extended hours at work. Unfortunately, his marital issues have taken a toll on him and he has taken on the less-than-desired hobby of viewing child pornography. Charles prefers the use of the high speed internet from the corporation for a fast transfer of data onto CD’s and flash drives for viewing them at home. The network administrator has been monitoring everyone’s internet traffic and has been pulling nightly reports (all of which are time stamped).

The FBI has become involved and is about to prepare a confiscation of all hardware/software and data. It is your task to report the following information in order to prepare for an upcoming trial. Consider the rules of evidence and for purposes of this assignment, note the rules of evidence you apply as you write the report.

Prepare a report detailing the technical evidence for trial that contains the following information:

  • Identify the nature of the case: Private vs. Public.
  • Identify all parties that are involved and the extent of the involvement.
  • Identify the type of computing system that will be confiscated.
  • Determine whether the computer/system can be seized.
  • What information is needed for a warrant to issue?
  • What tools (physical, hardware, software) are needed to seize the computer and retrieve the data?
  • Identify potential ethical issues that might arise with the investigation of this case and how you would deal with them.

(Additionally, the XYZ Corporation has a policy that states: the use of any and all external media during company hours and for the benefit of the corporation becomes sole property of the corporation and its entities.)

  • Is the flash drive company property thus subject to the warrant?
  • Is the data on the flash drive company property thus subject to the warrant?


Written report – 2 to 5 pages in APA forma

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