Info Systems questions and answers

1. Explain the difference between data and information. Provide a specific example of each.
2. Explain the purpose of a data warehouse. What are the advantages if a data warehouse?
3. Discuss the importance of data security. Provide an example of data security. Explain why a company needs different levels of security.
4. Explain the differences between LAN, PAN and MAN. Provide an example of each
5. Explain the acronym “VoIP”, describe what it is used for in a business and why it was not practical with technology 30 years ago. Describe at least one business application for VoIP.
6. List two pros and two cons of wired networks. Provide a business example of each.
7. What are the three primary Enterprise Systems? Explain the purpose of each.
8. Describe the main purposes of supply chain management systems:
9. Explain the purpose of customer relationship management software. List and elaborate on the three marketing operational CRM technologies mentioned this week.
10. Describe a simple project for your real or fictitious business and create a list of dependencies for that project (at least 4 tasks). Be sure to state why the second and subsequent steps are dependent on the previous step.

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