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In assignment 4 you created a WBS diagram, Gantt task list and Responsibility Matrix for a new Selfcheckout Point of Sale (cash register) system in TU’s University Store. That project required at least 4 summary tasks and 12 primary tasks. Using the MS Project file you created in assignment 4, put together the schedule for the Self -checkout project by adding the duration and sequencing for all tasks – use the Gantt Chart view. Generate a .pdf for the Gantt Chart view of your Self-checkout project. Generate a .pdf for the Network diagram view for Self-checkout project as well. Answer the following questions about your Self-checkout project: 

a. If you start the project on 4/1/2015, how many work days will the project take to complete?

 When will the project be complete?

 b. Identify each of the summary tasks (level 1 of your WBS – 1., 2., 3., etc. ) and the total duration of each summary task?

 c. What primary tasks are on the critical path (hint: critical task list report)?

use project Microsoft 2013 in order to do this  

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