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Intranet Post investigation

Your client is a firm with over 500 employees and three offices. The company operates via intranet and has a “bulletin board” where employees can post ads and share information. For instance, typical posts include invitations to demonstration parties and announcements of tag sales or items for sale. Lately, there have been posts of ethnically derogatory material posted anonymously. The client corporation has asked you to determine the source of the derogatory posts. But the client wants answers to the following questions before they hand over the task to you:

  • Analyze and explain what ways should be adopted to identify the perpetrator.
  • Compile a list of available resources for identifying the perpetrator. Analyze which hardware and software can be used for the same. How will you justify your choice to your client?
  • Analyze and explain which process should be adopted for achieving the desired objectives.
  • Suppose you were asked to “get into” the computer of the person sending derogatory mail, analyze whether it is ethical.

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