Technology Relationships Paper


Technology Relationships Paper

Prepare a paper in which you describe relationships among technology convergence, leading edge technology, and bleeding edge technology. Consider the following questions:

1. What are some examples of leading edge technology?
2. What are some examples of bleeding edge technology?
3. How effective has technology convergence been?
4. What are some specific examples of successes that came from technology convergence?
5. Is it possible for bleeding edge technology to transcend into leading edge technology? Why or why not?
6. In relation to bleeding and leading edge technologies, how well do consumers make informed decisions when purchasing products?

Be sure and see general guidelines for papers in the Instructor Policies Document.

See general guidelines for papers in the course policies document. Please have at least two references, and use in-text citations. Read over these chapters to get idea what to research on the internet. 

1. Please note that WIKIPEDIA citations are not allowed.  Wikipedia is a “peer reviewed” website where anybody can add information and the information is frequently unreliable.
2. Please note that the paper is 1400 minimum word requirement.  This does NOT include the Table of Contents and bibliography.  The BODY of your paper should be this long.

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