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Please, answers and explain briefly the following questions:

1.  What must developers enable on Android devices in order to install their applications?

a.  ADTs

b.  Emulators

c.   Developer options

d.  Certificates

2.  Which one of the following provides a complete list of specific changes to the Android SDK?

a.  API Diff Report

b.  Release Notes

c.   Overview of Changes

d.  Errata Notification

3.  Who retains all rights to Android apps developed with the SDK?

a.  Google

b.  Microsoft

c.   Android, Inc.

d.  The developer

4.  Which one of the following packages provides encryption support?

a.  org.json

b.  javax.*

c.   android.*

d.  junit.*

5.  What is the official Android development environment?

a.  Android IDE

b.  Xcode

c.   Visual Basic

d.  Android Studio

6.  Megan wants to download and update the development tools while still maintaining backward compatibility. What tool within the IDE will she use?

a.  Android Compatibility Manager

b.  Android SDK Manager

c.   Android Time Manager

d.  Android Virtual Device Manager

7.  Within the IDE, what does a developer use to load Android applications, and test and debug them?

a.  AVD configuration

b.  The Android emulator

c.   A simulator

d.  Test devices

8.  Which setting must you enable on an Android device to install Android applications other than those from the Google Play store?

a.  Unknown APKs

b.  Unknown sources

c.   Unknown applications

d.  Alternative app stores

9.  Android Studio is based on what other IDE?

a.  Eclipse

b.  Sublime

c.   IntelliJ IDEA

d.  XDA Developer

10. Who owns the copyrights and intellectual property rights to the material in the SDK?

a.  The developer.

b.  Google and third parties.

c.   Android development leads.

d.  The SDK is open source and not under copyright.

Please follow apa format..explain answers with neat explanation.

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