Product or Service that Emerging Technologies have an impact

Assignment Preparation: Activities include the website search, the table review, independent student reading, and research.

  • Visit the World Economic Forum website, search for “Emerging Technology,” and learn the technologies listed.
  • Review theStrategic management of technology and innovation Table 1.2 A Brief Description of the Disruptive Roots of the Companies and Industries Listed in Exhibit 4.

 Assignment: Select a product or a service (or a combination of both) where emerging technologies may have an impact on.

 You should describe the current state of the product or service, explain the emerging technologies, and offer a few potential impacts on the product or service. 

 Where appropriate, apply the S-Curves to describe its development.

 You may use any one of the following options to present the project that you picked: 

  • A storyboard format
  • A slide presentation
  • An interactive diagram
  • Any other options approved by your instructor

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