DBM 502 Database MGMT – Data Security

Assignment Preparation:Activities include completing the SkillSoft courses, watching the Lynda.com videos, independent student reading, and research.

  • Completethe SkillSoft course, “Microsoft SQL Server 2012: Database Monitoring and Performance Tuning.”
  • Completethe SkillSoft course, “Microsoft SQL Server 2012: Managing Database Data.”
  • Completethe SkillSoft course, “Microsoft SQL Server 2012: Security Management.”
  • Watchthe Lynda.com “Securing SQL Server 2012” video.
  • WatchCh. 7, “Database Modeling: Indexing and Optimization: Understanding stored procedures and injection attacks,” of the Lynda.com “Foundations of Programming Databases” video.

Password protect the database you created for your individual assignment in Week Three.

Createa matrix to indicate the permissions (read, insert, delete, modify) you would grant to different users of your database.

Createat least two different users and implement their permissions using SQL statements.

Submitthe following deliverables to your instructor:

  • The steps you took to password protect the database
  • The matrix
  • The SQL code for creating the users and implementing their permissions

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