Logic Gate, Transistors

Analyze the following CMOS circuit by determining its behavior for all four input combinations (A and B are the two inputs). Note that some of the transistors are not connected to VCC or Ground as described in class, but you can still analyze them using the fact that a particular gate voltage will either connect or disconnect each type of transistor (remember what the bubble means).

Recall that “VCC” is another name for logic high, the power supply, etc.  Also, the black dots on the wires are junctions.  That is, when two wires meet in a diagram, they may just be crossing but not connected, or they may be connected.  The black dots denote wires that are connected (a junction), while wires crossing without a dot are not connected and are just crossing each other.  Let me know if anything about the diagram is unclear.

  1. Create a truth table containing the inputs A and B along with the value of point X and the output (OUT) for all four input combinations.
  2. What basic logic gate is this?

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